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    Enter your questions…

    Rama Davies

    Having some tech issues and can’t get into the call. But what are some of your favourite coaching cues for basic movement patterns?
    I.e. Squat, Hip Hinge, Vertical/Horizontal Press, Pull. Don’t have to cover everything, just open to new ideas!


    Hey Rama,

    sorry about the tech issues, you weren’t the only one sorry mate.
    I believe I had the incorrect zoom link embedded in the Eventbrite won’t happen again mate.

    great questions regarding cueing I’ll be sure to add these in next month’s Q&A, obviously, context will depend on the cues however the most common ones I use with team-based athletes are:

    For technique development exercise selection is critical and using constraint-based cues like a box for learning how to squat.

    Hypertrophy or rehab I like to internal cues to focus on isolated muscle connection, also the coach or athlete touching the muscle group or joints helps with building body awareness.

    Performance lifts Lots of energy in my voice and less is more in terms of cues that encourage maximum intent through competition and more external-based cues hot coals or drive the bar as if you are shoving someone in the chest.

    Some of my favs are:

    Squat: Dig your big toe into the ground, Bracing(as you breathe in expand your belly and tense as if someone was going to punch you in the guts. Sit back on the box and drive off the box at speed
    Hip Hinge: Soft knees lean forward at the hips, Paint the legs with the bar on the way down and up, tuck chin as if you’re holding a tennis ball to your chest
    Vertical Press: Prevent ‘ stripper back as you press’ Cue big toe or screwing feet into the ground tucking their tailbone. Head rocks back and rocks forward violently as the bar passes your head
    Horizontal Press: Create a big chest by arching the upper back and pulling shoulder blades back and down towards hips, screw feet into the ground, aim to bend the bad as you lower to the highest point of the chest then punch the ceiling.
    Vertical Pull: Reach as high as you can or shrug shoulder to ears then as you pull shoulders and elbows move back and down towards the hips
    Horizontal Pull: Stretch shoulder blades around the rib cage then squeeze shoulder blades together as if you have a $100 dollar note between your shoulder blades.
    Any heaving pulling including deadlift: Grip the bar as hard as you can, I shouldn’t see it slip to your finger tips

    hope this helps mate what ones of the above have you used?
    Interested to hear your favs too if you’re ok to share?

    Great topic mate looking forward to discussing further on our next Live group coaching Q&A.

    Cheers Rama

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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