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Do you want to make a impact in elite sport, make more money, or create an online coaching business? The 30 Day Job Keeper Challenge will provide a road map for strength & conditioning coaches to launch their own successful online business.

The coach who makes the most amount of progress will win these awesome prizes:

The most engaged 30 day challenger will win:

PLP 1 Year Academy Membership value: $199

Team buildr: 3 month trial including prepare like a pro exercise database & program templates $516

Iron Edge: $150 Voucher

Swift Supplements: Protein powder & Creatine: $152

Total Value: $1,017

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30 Days and BEYOND

30 Day Academy Challenge is not just an membership, it’s a community. Read our blog to discover tips on recovery, fitness and strength and check out Podcast for inspiring episodes with some the best AFL players and coaches in the industry.